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Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Wolfowitz told us it would be easy

Today marks the fifth anniversary of that hallowed day when Paul Wolfowitz assured Congress that we'd need no more than 100,000 troops, and no more than $100 billion, to secure postwar Iraq and get the hell out. Rumsfeld endorsed that view and told reporters to quit asking. Here an E&P story on how it all went down before it all went awry:


Anonymous said...

Where do we send a congratulatory card to this obnoxious, incompetent weasel for being such an immoral, lying, bloodthirsty, arrogant tool? We want him to know what we think of the complete failure of his brilliant prognostications.

(BTW, I am a Christian conservative with libertarian leanings and have been all my life, and I cannot stomach the neocon tyrants and their toadies in this administration.)

Anonymous said...

In what is an amazing, and discouraging, measure of how much power the neo-cons still retain, Rice recently appointed this loser as the head of the State Department's International Security Advisory Board, which gets him a security clearance, and access to policy makers. Unbelievable.