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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Forget everything else: It's all about Michigan and Florida

Even in the afterglow of a truly super Tuesday, the chief Clinton backers today are not laying out a plausible scenario for how they actually get enough delegates to win, except....they (Terry McAuliffe and Gov. Ed Rendell) are now introducing the possibility of a re-vote in Michigan and Florida. If Hillary wins big there, then she has a shot, but the Clinton managers have resisted the idea, claiming, quite obnoxiously, until now, that they already won in those states -- even though they were "illegal" primaries from the party's view.

Now Obama is on the spot. He can plausibly claim that Clinton had agreed to party rules, now wants to break them, so tough luck. But the party can shift course itself and say it's okay if the two states want to spend the money to vote again. Then Obama looks like he has dissed the voters in those states, who would then take it out on him -- running up the exact big margin she needs to win. Could happen. He may have to agree to a vote and a fair fight -- which would make this a whole new ballgame, with The New Math suddenly not so one-sided in his favor.


Xeno said...

There is an interesting difference in tone between this post and the version you put on the E&P website. Here, you characterized the Clinton team as "obnoxious," but you left out that very biased adjective in the E&P version. It's obvious that you feel the need to disguise your anti-Clinton/pro-Obama biases when writing for your employer. It might be better for the reader if you made it clear exactly what your slant is so that your output can be better judged in light of that knowledge.


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Anonymous said...

I know it sound cute to try to put this all in Obama's lap, buuut, it just ain't gonna happen. This is all very simple. Michigan and Florida were told what the rules were and that there would be consequences and repercussions if they broke those rules. Now lo and behold, it's all come to the fore. So I say to Fla. and MI., too bad so sad. Additionaly, the DNC tried to work this out with them well ahead of time. From Fla. and MI, no dice. Sooo, yes we know Gov.s Granholm and Crist. We know you're trying to get some economic kickback out of this, and Granholm you're trying to help out your sister-in-arms, Hillary, while Crist, you're trying to throw a monkey wrench in Obama's eventual coronation, but like I said, AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!