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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Scott McClellan blast

I am off to a writer's conference in Vermont until late Friday, so perhaps no posting here the next couple of days. Here is my take on the Scott McClellan book and the "liberal media."


Anonymous said...

Looks like you should have offered to let Scott McClellan co-write the preface to your book.

Ian said...

Greg, I have a question for ya buddy. How long do you think we're going to have the same stupid arguments over and over again. For example, are we really still going to even entertain the phrase liberal media anymore? I mean, when case after case shows they are not in any way acting to promote liberal interests, when they fail to do their job, leading us to a less liberal world, why do we even let people have this discussions without brutally tearing them apart with facts? And why doesn't anyone talk about the logic here...what the hell do we expect the White House to say...of course they will say he is disgruntled...they always do. But my god,if an administration is producing one disgruntled employee after another, and we have had one failure after another, and all the angry employees say the same thing about why things are so bad, at what point does the media mention...gee, there's a pattern here...they are all on the same page so there must be something to their stories.

No, we will continue to get surface level bs coverage of this issue. It will quickly fade away. And Scotts criticism, that the media cowered and failed and didn't do its job, will play out here as well.