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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's Play Two

Continuing our baseball theme (see the previous post on Dock Ellis pitching a no-no on LSD): It's always hard to be a Mets fan, and they have just about hit rock bottom, losing four in a row, at home, against one of the worst teams in baseball. As Casey Stengel once said of his Mets, "Can anyone here play this game?" or something like that. Anyhow: They lost today 1-0 through no fault of a rookie pitcher just up in the show for his first game, a rather unheralded kid named Collin McHugh, who pitched seven shutout innings.

Now, I'd normally not blog just an event for a general audience but here's the thing: He has an active and witty Twitter account  @Collin_McHugh (IDed as "freelance meteorologist and professional baseball player") and also a blog.  Apparently in the off-season he performs in ragtime musicals.  Check them out and then start rooting for him even if you are a Yankee fan.  "I don't care if Morgan Freeman narrated it, Spielberg directed it, and it starred Kate Beckinsale. I will never be into Shark Week."  Good for him!

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