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Friday, September 28, 2012

Buzzfeed Exposes James O'Keefe Sting

Wild:  Rosie Gray of Buzzfeed has obtained an email chain that reveals plans for a James O"Keefe undercover sting of alleged (but delusional, natch) voter fraud carried out by the SEIU in key Mass. race in 2010.  None other than John Fund at center of it, and speaking of fund, money to come from Foster Friess.  Breitbart on the chain, of course.  Plan didn't come off but fascinating reading, to be sure. Fund today calls it beating a "dead horse."

One of those who flew to Boston to take part says, however:  "O'Keefe has the footage, though I'm doubtful he would share any of it. Since, he was arrested a week later in New Orleans while attempting to wire tap Senator Mary Landrieu."

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