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Friday, September 28, 2012

Danger for GOP? More Want One-Party Control

It's been widely overlooked, but there's a new Gallup Poll with possibly wide significance.  Polls in the past have always shown a perhaps understandable but sometimes maddening preference among voters for split control in Washington--in other words, they seem to prefer gridlock, with the White House checking Congress and vice versa.  Or maybe they think that aa split = "bi-partisan," hardly true today.

But now Gallup has just found an astonishing surge in those who say right now they want one-party control.  Since Obama is doing well at Gallup right now--maintaining a 6% lead today--this would suggest that many folks may also vote for Dems for Congress in an effort to give him something to work with.

The numbers: 38% now want one-party control vs. 23% who prefer a split, and 33% don't really care.  Gallup notes: "As the 2012 election approaches, these findings suggest that Americans may be somewhat less open to ballot splitting than in prior years."

1 comment:

RSR said...

Is there evidence that they really 'prefer[red] gridlock' or could it have been more 'Goldilocks' thinking about a split government: not too liberal, not too conservative, it would be just right?