Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Nixon Dug Jerry Garcia

To mark Richard M. Nixon's 100th birthday, let's return to this wild 1968 campaign spot for Nixon (perhaps I watched it way back then) aiming for the youth vote, at the height of antiwar protest and hippie-dom, with a groovy musical opening and flashing images of young people.  Vietnam?  What's that? Now dig this:  See if you can spot, early on, a certain familiar looking long-haired fella, I'm sure placed here accidentally:  none other than acid tester Mr. Jerry Garcia of  the Grateful Dead.

Well, as Nixon said, "Sock it to--Me?"  Come join Uncle Dick's Band (and here's a George Wallace ad, perhaps suitable for GOP today, also from '68).  See my Nixon book herePLUSNixon ad from 1972 vs. McGovern on defense cuts--could Romney use this idea today?

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Tmg Lost said...

Hah! I could almost mistake the kid surrounded by test-tubes & beakers at :20 for W.M. Romney.

An aside: This past Wednesday's WTF Podcast with guest Kliph Nesteroff included a discussion of Nixon appearing on 'Laugh-In' as part of his attempt to appeal to hipper, younger voters.

If you have the time, I'd strongly recommend listening - a really great WTF episode.