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Monday, September 17, 2012

Where Romney's 'Non-Payers' Live

We've explored the right-wing charges (now front and center with Romney's claim in new bombshell video)  for weeks that 47% of Americans "don't pay taxes."  Of course, this is nonsense, as it only applies to net income tax paid--in most cases, these people would have paid plenty in their payroll taxes.  In any case, here's a map of where the "nonpayers" mostly live--that's in red and indeed they are mainly "red states."  The blue are the states with the fewest "nonpayers."  UPDATE:  New Obama campaign video responds to Romney video.  Also, here's a chart via Paul Krugman on how the vast majority of the vast middle-aged and middle-class do pay taxes.


Anonymous said...

hi donnie, cool blog dude, go chicago teachers too, and allah too he rules
he didnt wear magic underwear
down with success!!!!

Anonymous said...

where do i order my wealth envy head band and mess half shirt combo ?

Walter Ellis said...

I hope this map took into account the one extra "Non-Payer" of income tax in Massachusetts: Willard Mitt Romney.

It should also be noted that after taking into account both sides of Payroll Taxes... Romney's so-called "Freeloaders" paid more of their hard earned money in tax than he did.

I guess Romney may have a good defense to that "That's just because I didn't make any 'Hard Earned' money."

Joshua Sims said...

You know, if you are going to post comments with that level of wit and sarcasm, at least have enough backbone to post your name.

Doc Fox said...

Dear Anonymous, there are many hard-working and family supporting (or trying hard to) people in that 47%. This is not a matter of envy (for one, I like my life better than the country-club life).

A quiet word with my wife and children means much more to me than boasting around the effete, elitist 1% at table at the Club. My Church is a nice place to be around, and I had a chance to serve it on an Indian Reservation where the parishioners were nice people who make the best of their situation, and value family and community. They make more admirable people in my eyes than does Romney.

kwame hussein said...

Mitts an idiot.