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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Binders in Review

You may have heard that fun-loving "customers" are posting reviews of various "binders" on sale at Amazon, with posts now in the hundreds for some products.  I like that Amazon, in its usual auto-manner, is picking ones that are most helpful and least helpful.  You can read dozens of new entries for this binder, but here's a couple:
"I honestly feel a little embarrassed that I bought this binder thinking that it would come with women. When it arrived, I soon discovered that it does NOT come with women... apparently, they are sold separately. I guess I should have read the product description a little more thoroughly. If you are looking for binders full of women, DO NOT buy this!!"

"On CNN, some guy named 'Mitt' said that binders were full of women. Being lonely and single I bought several of these binders and had them shipped overnight. While they are quality binders, I was dismayed to find no women in any of the dozen binders I ordered. I will be returning them."

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