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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

David's Cookies--Pierced

UPDATE  My man, Charles P. Pierce, has just done a brilliant point-by-point skewering of Brooks/Romney (after he gets done with some business about a dog).   "Ungawa! Animal spirits come! Credit Default Swap good! Ever seen me in a loincloth and a necklace of lion's teeth? I am so hot."

My larger point: Why is Brooks even offering advice to Romney?  Just two weeks ago, after the "47%" bombshell he stated flatly that Romney did not "understand America" or its culture or what makes it tick and more.  Taking on the surface, it could not have been more damning.  Yet here he is, days later, trying to save a man clearly unqualified--if you go by what Brooks himself wrote--for the White House.  But Brooks did much the same re: Palin four years ago. 

Earlier:  David Brooks, just trying to be helpful, writes script for Mitt's opening statement at the debate, free of charge, in tomorrow's NYT.  Next he will be offering to write lyrics for Springsteen's next album-opener.  Here's an excerpt:

I’d like to say that I wish everybody could have known my father, George Romney. He was a great public servant and I’ve always tried to live up to his example. The problem is that you get caught up in the competitiveness of a campaign and all the consultants want to make you something you’re not.

I’ve allowed that to happen to me. I’m a nonideological guy running in an ideological age, and I’ve been pretending to be more of an ideologue than I really am. I’m a sophisticated guy running in a populist moment. I‘ve ended up dumbing myself down. It hasn’t even worked. I’m behind. So I’ve decided to run the last month of this campaign as myself.

1 comment:

Seeker said...

Romney would lose every GOP vote if he started telling the truth.

Apparently Brooks glasses make him look a lot smarter than he is.

If Romney were going to be honest with the public, he could not have even entered a primary much less won a few.

So now, after years of duplicity, he wants Romney to be honest?

Why change horses in midstream?