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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bigelow 'Extended' on Colbert Show

Kathryn Bigelow dared to sit down with Stephen tonight, probably wondering if she was going to hear a complaint that she didn't have enough torture in Zero Dark Thirty.   Perhaps hoping for another Colbert bump, since he calls ZDT "fantastic."  He opens by asking her why her film has provoked "liberals" so much (he's glad it's got their "cojones" in a twist).

She opens by calling torture "reprehensible."  Then: This movie is only "first rough-cut of history."   Compressed ten years into a two hour film but still it could be asa "accurate"as a movie can.  Colbert says people don't read books so movies are how people will remember history.  She claims key piece of info in getting Osama was stuck in file for years--suggesting falsely that this is main point in movie and deflecting attention from the torture value.   Colbert then completely misses the point in suggesting there's controversy over the movie because it shows torture.  She's surely happy with this claim and says, yeah, did not "whitewash history." And she says, by the way,  many other things led to getting Osama.

Closes:  "I stand by the movie.  I wouldn't change a thing in the movie.  It's certainly based on an honest version of the story as we know it."  Just in case you thought she might have second thoughts.

Not Stephen's best moment either.   UPDATE: Here's the full "extended" interview.  Stephen much tougher in questions that were cut.  In the extended interview (see below) he asks if wasn't it true that movie shows interrogation working? She continues to rely that she was only going on "first hand accounts," but dodges query on if she got it straight from CIA.   He pushes a bit more on that and she says upcoming hearings, and possible release of report, might release new information and she "welcomes that."

But he asks key question: Do you think CIA misled you, gave you false information to make it seem like torture was worthwhile?  She dodges, obnoxiously, with: "Are you trying to say people in Washington spin"?  She laughs.  Colbert:  Sure you weren't "duped"?  Bigelow: The movie is a "fair assessment" of what's known.

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Anonymous said...

Nooooo!!!!! Please, don't let this happen!!! I stopped watching the Daily Show because of Jon Stewart's smug response to the criticism of "The Rally To Restore Sanity". Do I have to stop watching Colbert now for shilling for a pro-torture jingoistic genre movie beloved by most liberal film critics?