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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weiner, With All the Trimmings

NYT finally posts that Michael Barbaro piece about Anthony Weiner and the women he hurt--you remember,  they first posted it before it was "ready" and then pulled it, with some portions recovered by web detectives.  It's a lot shorter than most probably figured, so you have to wonder what might have been trimmed or revised.
The press lined up outside of her house and showed up at her casino, causing her to miss work for weeks. One night, she turned on the television to find the HBO host Bill Maher and the actress Jane Lynch performing a dramatic reading of the bawdy messages.  Ms. Weiss, an avowed Maher fan, said she sat in her living room crying. While coping with the onslaught, she drank heavy amounts of alcohol, a habit that persists.
“I obsess about it,” she said, “every day.”

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