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Monday, June 24, 2013

Bill Keller, 'Liberal Hawk' Again

As I've noted perhaps too many times before,  former top NYT editor Bill Keller disgraced himself by promoting the invasion of Iraq from his column at the Times, calling himself a "reluctant" liberal hawk.  And you know where that got us.  He has since on one or two occasions defended his view, or explained it, or halfways said he blew it, but never (it seemed) with any sincerity as he continued to berate his critics--that is, those of us who were right on this score.   Now, in recent weeks, he has again come out as hawkish on Syria, first with his infamous Syria-is-now-Iraq piece, and in columns since.

Today he gets a little closer to the action, from Turkey,  but still has it wrong, calling for stronger U.S. action even if we get embroiled for years and with little hope of much success. You know: Let's do something.   Like we did in Iraq. 

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