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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Meme: Wrong

I missed the widely-linked and repeated Rose reports of "Global Cooling"--and its trending on Twitter, for gosh sake--but now he's being debunked by actual experts.   Wish he was right, of course. CJR:
At Discover, Tom Yulsman uses a series of animated GIFs to illustrate the Rose’s data problems in a post titled, “With Climate Journalism Like This, Who Needs Fiction.”
The writers each issue a devastating and thorough critique of the piece, but it’s worth nothing how much time is wasted on an author whose reportage Plaitt calls “so ridiculously wrong it’s charitable to call them ‘ridiculously wrong.’”
But as Yulsman points out, the complexity of climate-change science leaves room for this kind of unverified attack: The correct argument is full of nuanced analysis, which is not only harder to write—it’s harder, as a reader, to absorb.

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