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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daisy Coleman Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

January 7, 2014 update:  Daisy Coleman's mother says she attempted suicide over the weekend and is now hospitalized.  The reason, she said, was she was badgered online after briefly attending a party.  She has attempted to take her life at least once before. 

October 21, 2013:  So a special prosecutor has indeed been named to probe the case and he promises a thorough review "I can also assure you that politics, connections or any other reason you can think of will not play a role in our review of this case. It will be the evidence, as it is in every case that we review," she said.

Saturday update:  NYT with first big story on the case tonight, but adds very little. Weak.  We do learn that the sheriff has taken out his web site--to prevent hacking.   

Friday updates:  Guest, an attorney, on Fox News:  The two Maryville girls were asking for it and also lying. Video.

Daisy Coleman pens first-person account of the night in question and aftermath:
"Days seemed to drag on as I watched my brother get bullied and my mom lose her job. Ultimately our house burned to the ground.  I couldn't go out in public, let alone school. I sat alone in my room, most days, pondering the worth of my life. I quit praying because if God were real, why would he do this?
I was suspended from the cheerleading squad and people told me that I was 'asking for it' and would 'get what was coming.'"

Thursday: In something of a surprise, Robert Rice, the prosecutor in the original Maryville, Mo. sexual assault case that's received so much attention this past week changed course late yesterday and announced he would seek a special prosecutor.   He had been claiming that he had dropped the case last year only because the mother of the girl, Daisy Coleman, then 14, had indicated she would not testify.   Since the mom and Daisy have said for several days now, on CNN and elsewhere,  that they had never stated that clearly (Rice disagrees) and are certainly willing to testify, the prosecutor wants to clear the way for that to happen.  The state's Lt. Gov. had urged this course and the local authorities had been under pressure from social media and Anonymous attention.  Stay tuned. 

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