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Monday, December 9, 2013

Rumor and Sy

Monday:  Hersh on DemocracyNow! today admits it was foolish to believe that the Wash Post would publish his piece.  And more.  Includes denials from  National Intelligence spokesman.  The New Yorker, a regular Hersh outlet, also refused the piece. See clips below.   Hersh refers to himself as "creepy troublemaker."

Sunday:  Seymour Hersh with a major piece on the claims of Assad using Sarin gas in Syria, and Obama's response. Months ago I was among those critiquing media coverage of what I saw as hyped, unproven claims that nearly took us to war.  As we know, after much protest from the left, and some on right, Obama pulled back--and Assad then agreed to dismantle.  In Hersh's view, those second thoughts were likely sparked not so much by protest--but Obama realizing that he was being rolled with false or unproven intelligence by those those wanting us to bomb bomb bomb Syria.  These days Hersh is often proven right, though sometimes wrong.  I've never claimed belief that rebels launched the attacks but at the minimum the doubts about the whole tragedy should have precluded war.  And they did.

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Roy David said...

As Winston Churchill said: 'Jaw jaw is better than war war.' Thankfully, Obama and his crew have seen the eventual wood from the trees (as they subsequently have over Iran). Otherwise the US might have been on to direct war with countries No 3 and 4 with 'only' Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan to go.