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Monday, December 9, 2013

Ted Koppel and Pol Pot

I admit I do not know Nate Thayer (a widely-published freelancer), this controversy, or even have memories of his top scoop--the first interview and video with Pol Pot, Cambodia's slayer of 1.8 million (it is said).  But here's Thayer's account of how Ted Koppel allegedly took his interview and video and related material and claimed it for themselves, with too little credit or monetary outlay (ABC claims they paid $350,000).  He won a Peabody that year and promised to expose this injustice in his speech but (he claims) he was banned from the ceremony at the Waldorf and turned down the award.  He then spent years in a lawsuit against ABC and recently won it, with the promise not to write about this.  But he breaks that legal vow here.  Of course, this is his side of the story and I'll keep checking to see if there has been an ABC response.

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