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Thursday, January 30, 2014

And Then He Had a Cigarette

Very funny Rolling Stone report on Miley Cyrus's MTV Unplugged last night--sure ain't Nirvana's.  My favorite graf, a '60s flashback, but then I'm a geezer:  "During the show-opening version of "4X4," Cyrus feels herself up, rubs her crotch with her cowboy hat and, most significantly, twerks with the horse. Nature of the twerking: pro forma, lowkey, sidelong and perhaps a little too self-aware, not quite perfunctory but missing the utopian promise of her best early twerking. If May 2013 inaugurated the Summer of Love of twerk, this twerking had a somewhat more downcast, John Wesley Harding-ish tone. What a long strange twerk it's been."

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