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~~Greg Mitchell's Photographs

(Adding one per day, all from recent years. To order a print: epic1934@aol.com. For my full blog, click Pressing Issues above or go here.)

 "Back to Work, Naumkeag"

"Moonrise Over Berlin"

"At Naumkeag, Near Lenox"
"Venice, in the Rain, from the Rialto Bridge"
 The Lacemaker, Home for Lunch, Burano, Italy."

"Still Life"

"A Berlin Wall, Midnight, 2015"

"Magic From Big Pink, Dylan and The Band Play Pen, Near Woodstock, N.Y."

"Ocean Overlook, Cape Cod"

"Tiger Beer Display, Vietnamese Restaurant, Berlin"

"Window Trinity, The Cloisters, New York City"

"Former Death Strip, Path of the Wall, Berlin"

"Incident at the Getty, Los Angeles"

"Dream Dies Hard, Woodstock, N.Y."

"North Truro, Cape Cod"

 "Just Before Harvest, At Truro Winery, Cape Cod"

"Palms at Night, Los Angeles, April, 2016"

"Late night at The Louvre, With Moon, Paris"

"Double Hibiscus"

"Outside the Anne Frank Museum, Berlin"

"Santa Monica Pier, With Gull, in the Drizzle, April 2016"

"Chinese Garden, Huntington Gardens, L.A., April 2016"

"North Fork, Long Island, April 2016"

"Paris, From the Roof of Musee d'Orsay"

"Sunrise, After the First Storm, Hudson River (Homage to Hiroshige)" 

"Flat Iron Building, Sunset, NYC"

"Dreams of Summer: Fisherman, Sunset on the Hudson, Piermont, N.Y."

"Most Important Instrument in U.S. History: Louis Armstrong's First Trumpet, New Orleans"

"Moonrise at Sunset, Sedona" 

"The Way Young Lovers Do, Along the Seine, Paris"

"Summer Heat Wave, Washington Square, NYC" 

"On the Canal, Burano, Italy"

"The Morning Commute,  Grand Central Terminal, "

"Temple, Tokyo (Homage to Hiroshige)"

"Preservation Hall, New Orleans."

"Tiptoe Through the Tulip, Upstate New York"

"Midnight, Venice"

"Morning, Columbia County, New York"

"Bass Player in the Rain, Jackson Square, New Orleans"

"Ground Zero, 2003, Lower Manhattan"

"Sunset Behind Wrecked Barn, Ohio, Summer 2013"

"Somewhere Over the Alps, Northern Italy" 

By the Time I Got to Woodstock

 "Under the Eiffel Tower, Paris"

"Sunset, Hudson River, Tappan Zee Bridge, Tarrytown"

"The Gates, After the Storm, Central Park" 

"St. Francis Church, Taos, New Mexico" (A Favorite of Ansel Adams, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand)

"Room Where Van Gogh Died, Auvers, France"

"Mardi Gras in New Orleans"

"Hot Night, Lincoln Center, NYC"

"Walls of Time, Angers Castle, France, 2012"

Memorial to Those Who Died at the Wall, Berlin (Remnants of Wall Visible Behind Them)"

"Baseball Fan, In Stadium Near Ground Zero, Hiroshima"

"Ruins of Castle at Clisson, France"

"Civil War Fort, Key West"

"Sunrise, Hudson River (Homage to Hiroshige)"

"Cargo Ship, West Side Pier, Hudson River, NYC"

"Breakfast in New Orleans, Near Jackson Square"

"Piazza San Marco, In the Rain, Venice"

"Grand Central Terminal, Morning Rush"

"Van Gogh's Grave, With Sunflower, Auvers"

"Turning Japanese, Outside Temple, Tokyo" 

"The Louvre, Across the Seine, from Musee d'Orsay"

"Laundry Day, Island of Burano, Italy"

"Daybreak, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco"

"Taos Pueblo, New Mexico"

"Flower and Buds, New York City Subway"

"Barge Music, Intermission, Under the Brooklyn Bridge"

"Incident in the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris"

"St. Francis Church, Taos" (made famous by Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand, Ansel Adams)

"Blueberries in Kita Bowl, Japan

"Hudson River, George Washington Bridge, Winter"

"Fats Domino's House, Ninth Ward, New Orleans"

"Sundown, Sedona, Arizona"

"Hemingway's Typewriter, At His Home, Key West" 

"Columbus Circle, New York City, 4 a.m."

"Three Houses on the Canal, Burano, Italy"

"Van Gogh, Wounded, Walked Up These Stairs to His Death, Auvers, France"

"October Light, Rush Hour, Grand Central, NYC"

"Hook Mountain, With Dog and Eagle"

"Venice, After Midnight"

"Where Young Man Fell, Trying to Escape, Berlin"

"End of Summer (Cape Cod)"

"Holocaust Memorial, Berlin"

"The Lion Tweets Tonight, New York Public Library"

"Illuminated Manuscripts: Sunrise On Bookcase"

"Central Park After the Storm (Plus Gates)"

Room Where Van Gogh Died, Auvers, France

"San Francisco de Asis Church, Sunset, Taos"

"Wellfleet Sailboat + Spouse, Cape Cod"

"About to Cross the Road, Key West"

"Preservation Hall, New Orleans"

"Typical Street Scene, Burano, Italy."  

"Somewhere Over the Grand Canyon"

"On the Hudson, Sunset, October"

"Daybreak, Muir Woods, California"

"Morning Commute, Grand Central Terminal, New York"

"After the Tourists Went Home, Venice"

"Boating on Ota River, Hiroshima (Where Thousands of Bodies Once Floated)"

"Orange is the New...Still-Life" 

"Re-created Stasi Interrogation Room, DDR Museum, Berlin"

 "Still Big, Still Pink, After Dylan and The Band, Near Woodstock"

"Beethoven and Haydn, With Bullet Marks from World War II, Berlin"

"Venice, from Rialto Bridge, in the Rain"

"Autumn, Old Inn, Cold Spring on Hudson, N.Y."

"Ishtar Gate, Pergamon Museum, Berlin"

"Jesus, Born That Way, The Cloisters, New York City"

"El Santuario, Healing Church, Chimayo, New Mexico"

"Jackson Square, New Orleans"

"Before the Storm, Tannery Pond"

"Freedom, Greenwich Village, New York (R.I.P. Mandela)"

"First Morning Glory of the Summer"

"Church in Auvers Immortalized By Van Gogh (Colorized Sky in Homage)"

"San Francisco de Asis, Taos" 

"Pueblo at Taos, New Mexico"

GOALLLL...At Hitler's 1936 Haunted Olympics Stadium, Berlin, April 2014

"A Real Butte, From White Rock, Near Santa Fe"

"Flashing Mona Lisa, The Louvre, Paris"

"Classic Rail Car, Catskills, New York" 

"Plaza in Venice on the Way to San Marco"

"A-Bomb Survivors, Hospital in Hiroshima, Gazing Toward Ground Zero"

"B.B. at The Cloisters, Upper Manhattan"

"Duck Unlimited, at Hudson River, Nyack"

"Under the George Washington Bridge (for Chris Christie)"

"Inside Car Wrapped in Covering, Zero Degree Sunrise"

"At the Doge Palace, Venice"

"October, With Train, Cold Spring-on-Hudson"

"Just Another Evening Commute, Grand Central, NYC"

"Ruins of Castle, Clisson, France"

"Daybreak, Taos"

"Over the Grand Canyon 2"

 "Autumn, Upstate New York"

"Vincent and Theo, Together As Always, Auvers"

"Charles Dickens' Wine Cellar, Former Home, London"

"Twin Steeples, at Sunset, Manhattan"

"French Quarter Jazz, New Orleans"

"Blooming Hill Farm Stand, Autumn, Upstate New York" 

"Morning in the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris"

"St. Francis Church, Side View, Taos"

"Still Life, With Bowl from Lebanon (for Barbara)"

"First Walgreen's in U.S., New Orleans (Plus 'Hooray Beer' Sign)

"End of Summer, Cape Cod" 

"Cemetery, With Church Destroyed by U.S. Shelling, Taos Pueblo, New Mexico"

San Marco, Venice

Sedona Panorama from Top of Ridge

"By the Bay, Sundown, North Truro"

"The Man in the Long Black Coat, With Westminster Abbey, London"

"Right Field Foul Line, Ball Boy, CitiField, New York"

"Sunrise Over the Hudson, With Street Lamp"

"Approaching the Tappan Zee Bridge, Nyack, N.Y."

"The Horse Hospital, London"

"Swamp Thing, Mississippi" 

"Hackberry Rambler, from Legendary Cajun Group, New Orleans"

"Near Bandoleer, New Mexico"

"Strawberries, Japanese Kita Bowl"

"Motorcycle, Tinker Street, Woodstock, N.Y."

"On the Road to Taos, New Mexico"

"Morning Rush, Grand Central, NYC"

"The Heart of a Tulip, Upstate New York"

"Tanglewood, Before Beethoven's 'Archduke,' Lenox, Mass."

"Central Park, Plus Gates, New York City"

"Dickensian London, Behind Westminster Abbey"

"Under the Pont-Neuf, Paris"

"Lower Manhattan, Sundown"

"Leonard Cohen, Radio City, New York, April 2013"

"Moonrise at Sedona"

"Castle at Angers, France"

"Bird Gets an Eiffel, Paris"

"Central Park, New York City"

"Bass Player, London Philharmonic"

 "Columbus Circle, Rush Hour, New York City"

"Mailbox, Greenwich Village, New York" 

"St. Francisco de Asis, Taos"

"Top of Historic Lighthouse, Truro, Cape Cod"

"Canyon Road,  Santa Fe"

"Train Arrives, Astor Place Station, New York" 

"Covered Bridge, Winter, Connecticut"

"Vintage Movie Theater, Key West" 

"Ceiling, San Marco, Venice"

"New Orleans, At Dawn, Still Ready for Battle"

"In the Cathedral of Grand Central, New York City"

"Charles Darwin's Desk and Garden (Recreated at Bronx Botanical Garden)"

"Tower Bridge at Sunset, London, River Thames"

"The Oil Slick That Ate Manhattan"

"Heart Above the Hudson, Overlooking New York

"Homeless in Washington Square Park, New York"

"Under the Bridge of Sighs, Venice"  

"Glavine Pitches, Bases Loaded, Shea Stadium"

"Subway Still-Life 2013"

"Central Park After Storm, With Gates, New York"

"Cruise Ship, Sunset, Key West"

"Amish Buggy in Town, Summer, Holmes County, Ohio"

"Two Bridges, After the Storm, Hudson River, Tarrytown"

"One Day at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris"

"Grave Music, Cemetery, Rockland County, New York"

"Street Scene, Santa Fe"

"Sunrise Over Frozen Hudson River (From My Street)"

"Manhattan at Sundown from Hudson River" 

"Nike Missile 1950s Nuclear Site Behind My Home"

"Monet Mural, the New Orangerie, Paris" 

"Holocaust Memorial, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris"

"The Louvre, Inside Out, Paris" 

"To the Top of Old Lighthouse, Truro, Cape Cod"

"Remains of Castle at Clisson, France"

"Hudson River Beach, Winter, But Hint of Spring

"Lily Pads, Bronx Botanical Garden, New York."

"Train Station, After the Storm" 

"A Dickensian Dawn,  Near Jenny Wren's House, Westminster, London"

"Church Cemetery, Directly Across from Ground Zero, New York" 

"Spring Fever: Section 106, CitiField, Flushing, N.Y."  

"Upper Lower Manhattan"

"Somewhere Over the Edge of Iceland"

"Race Point, Provincetown, Cape Cod, September 2013"

"Lambeth Bridge, Just After Dawn, London"

"Train in Vain, 96th St., Manhattan"

"Sidewalk Hieroglyphics, Fifth Avenue, NYC"

"Gardener, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Spring 2013"

"Washed-Up Old Barge, Hudson River, Upper Nyack"


john elliott said...

These are gorgeous.

John Troyan said...

Awesome photos

Anonymous said...

great collection

Anonymous said...

Your photographic sensibility is timeless...extraordinaire!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Fun to revisit places I have seen on my travels. Love the pix of New Mexico, as that is where I am from.

Anonymous said...

Have had the good fortune in life to visit a surprisingly large number of these locations. So many memories. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Peaceful and exquisitely composed. Wonderfully balanced light/dark. Crisply exposed.

Nell said...

Greg, these are stunning. So many favorites, but keep being drawn back to the light in the Venice empty boats photo.