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Thursday, December 3, 2009

UPDATE: U.S. Soldier Kills Colleagues

It's gotten remarkably little coverage so far -- perhaps because no "terrorist" angle -- but we're now catching up with case of an Iraq war vet (pictured left) now captured and suspected of killing two of his fellow servicemen near Fort Drum where they all served. Joshua Hunter fled to Ohio. It's not known what sparked the murders but he had returned from 15 months in Iraq. Tonite AP talked to his wife, who said he had seen best friend die at close range in Iraq (unconfirmed by the military) and was totally changed when he got home , flying into rages, "abusive," sleepless, "edgy." Here is full story.

Here is a lengthy story in West Virginia paper and an earlier local paper report, which includes quotes from his My Space page:

"I dont need anyone but me, I am cold and heartless," he wrote. "unhappiness can be a way of life, but im not gonna be one of those little bitches who kills themselves i will take down anyone who gets in my way by any means necessary."

After using some profanities, he continued, "i will not be stopped until i get my revenge. i am angry at the world and i will take it out on anyone... ."

The Watertown paper has this update on neighbors' reaction and Hunter returning to New York and being arraigned Friday. AP has update Friday on him being charged with murder and pleading not guilty. He allegedly admitted in a deposition that he carried out the stabbings and has cuts on his fingers. Later update: Some questions raised about his and family's claims about him witnessing deaths in Iraq.


Lachlan Rhodes said...

"after using some profanities;" was it necessary to elide his rough language? it seems a somewhat distasteful prudishness relative to what is being discussed.

Anonymous said...

The unit he was with, the Division Special Troops Battalion is a HQs unit that saw no combat. We had no combat losses. It was also his first and only deployment. Not sure how his claims and those of his family could be true.

I recommend following the coverage in the local Watertown, NY paper.