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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bear Cam: The Whole World Is Watching!

Twitter on fire as thousands, maybe millions, watch brown bears trying to catch salmon in Alaska on Brooks River at a small waterfall.  Succumb via link below (and bears should return by 6:30 am on Friday):

Brown Bear & Salmon Cam - Brooks Falls - Bears - explore

Also love the comments at #Bearcam hashtag, such as:  "Bear in lower left has the patience of a zen master."   Naturally: "Can tell by his face that one bear is totally peeing in the river. " Also: "This if more interesting than MSNBC."  And: "Do you think there are bears watching a Peoplecam?" Speaking for many: "Can't.  Stop.  Watching." Empathy:  "Everyone's getting a fish except the one dude on top of the falls--can't catch a break."  Concern:  "Attention Bear On The Far Shore--I know the water is cold, but I'm concerned you're going to starve to death."  And there's even a guide to the "hotspots" in what you're viewing.  Next:  We know what happens when they go in the woods, as it were.

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