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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pacifists Expose Lack of Nuclear Security

I noted this incident last week and awaited reaction, and now it's finally here.  Every year at this time, around Hiroshima Day, pacifists protest nuclear weapons, sometimes in unlawful ways, such as pouring blood on military equipment.  This year, an 82-year-old nun (left) and two other pacifists were arrested after somehow penetrating the famous Oak Ridge site in Tennessee and writing antiwar slogans on a building housing, well, nuclear fuel.  Now we're told that it "has prompted the Department of Energy to reappraise security measures across its nuclear weapons program and private experts to criticize the agency’s safeguarding of nuclear stockpiles. The activists, who got past fences and security sensors before dawn on July 28, apparently spent several hours in the Y-12 National Security Complex before they were stopped — by a lone guard, they told friends — as they used a Bible and candles in a Christian peace ritual."

"The problem for the National Nuclear Security Administration is how outsiders were able to get so close to more than 100 tons of highly enriched uranium, a material that could make thousands of atom bombs or be used by intruders to create a nuclear explosion on the spot." Cameras and sensors failed.  Guards have been fired.

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