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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sealing the Election?

In a sure to be controversial move, the National Geographic Channel has decided to air a major doc on the Seals killing bin Laden two days before Election Day. Complaints about political effect caused the opening of the major Hollywood film on the same subject "Zero Dark Thirty" to be pushed back.  One wonders if the fact that his is not a major cable channel may mute that.
Scheduling the premiere shortly before the election may turn the film into a political object, though a National Geographic Channel executive said Thursday night that politics was not a factor in the timing.
Instead, said Howard T. Owens, the channel’s president, said Nov. 4 was selected “to take advantage of our fall schedule” of shows, which will have their premieres in the days and weeks after “Seal Team Six.”
“Other than being commercially opportunistic, we weren’t considering the election,” Mr. Owens said.

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