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Monday, November 26, 2012

Outfoxed on Benghazi

UPDATE #3  Now, asked to to on MSNBC, Ricks says that channel's just as bad as Fox.  So after brief flurry of love from the left, Ricks now on outs again.   I'd say: I get his point but most MSNBC hosts are still more fact- and reality-based than Fox hosts. 

UPDATE #2  A Fox spokesman tells The Hollywood Reporter that Ricks "apologized" after the show.  Ricks denies this.

UPDATE #1:  After the interview, Fox accused Ricks of being "rude."  Ricks responds that he was being "honest."

Earlier:  Fox News today made the mistake of inviting Tom Ricks on the air today to discuss the still "smoldering" GOP focus on Benghazi and Susan Rice and possible White House "coverup."  Almost from the word go, Ricks mocked the Fox "hype" over this issue and ended with claim that the network acts as a "wing of the Republican party."  Whoops.  Host instantly said goodbye, wrapping up one of the short interviews in TV history.  Via Media Matters:

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Laurence Glavin said...

I go to mediamatters.org almost every day, so I was just viewing this clip via the "Pressing Issues" blog a little earlier than usual. I left a comment at MMFA about decedents at consulates and embassies while 'W' occupied the White House. I've observed that URLs entered in comments here don't click though; maybe The Master could provide it: http://www.prosebeforehos.com/political-ironing/11/25/hypocritical-gop-outrage-over-benghazi/