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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nate the Great on Guns

UPDATE:  Out magazine picks Nate as its Person of the Year. "His forecasts for the 2012 election became the talk of the chattering classes. Now that he's vanquished his critics, what's next for the braniac?"

Earlier:  The election may be over, but Nate Silver is still crunching numbers at the NYT, now re: gun ownership in the U.S.  And, presto, it's pretty interesting.   For example, as expected, more GOPers than Dems have a gun in their home, but the gap is ever-widening.  From 1973 until 2010, the GOPer rate slipped slightly from 55% to 50%, while for Dems it plunged from 45% to 22%.    The gender gap is much smaller, with a survey of 2008 voters finding 48% of men and 37% of women owned guns.

And: "The majority of children to Republican-voting parents had a gun somewhere in their homes, while only about one in four children in Democratic-voting households did."

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