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Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Shot After Parade Honoring...MLK, Jr.

Breaking from WGNO in New Orleans: "NOPD officers are investigating a report of five people shot near Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and Lasalle Street moments after the parade honoring Martin Luther King Jr. had passed. WGNO News is at the scene and will have more information as it becomes available."  Times-Picayune updates:  five were shot out of passing car in front of grocery store  half an our after parade passed.  Five take to hospital but no injures life-threatening.  Car fled down...Martin Luther King Blvd.  Classic quote by police commissioner:  "It's the state of affairs in our nation that young men do not heed the words of Martin Luther King Jr. "

Also:  See my many shocking updates on that shooting in New Mexico yesterday:  Kid, 15, kills parents and three young siblings--with rifles taken from dad's unlocked closet--and then planned to slaughter more at local WalMart.  Probably would have, but made a fateful phone call. 


Anonymous said...

lets wait for the NRA to say more guns are needed to prevent such tragedies

Anonymous said...

Like chris Rock said, anywhere there's a street names after MLK there's some violence going down..

Where are you -- i'm at MLK... RUN!!!