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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Newspapers: The New Reality?

When I was the editor of Editor & Publisher for most of the previous decade, we certainly charted hard times hitting the newspaper industry, so little could surprise me now.  Still.  Dozens of papers across the country competing to take part in a...TV reality show?  Really?  NYT has the "news"
NBC executives say they’ve been inundated with all types of pitches, from newspaper editors talking about how they are struggling to survive to newspaper staffs eager to show off their talents, sometimes well beyond their coverage of school meetings.
The Pilot, based in Southern Pines, N.C., sent a video of its staff performing a “Call Me Maybe” parody, later updated to feature “Gangnam Style” moves. David Woronoff, The Pilot’s owner and publisher, said that while he had let his younger employees produce the videos last year as “a good morale builder for the staff,” he sent the link to NBC executives because “we thought they would want to see what we look like and what our office looks like.”
NBC executives said they were intrigued by how quirky and diverse some newspapers were — from the Kodiak Daily Mirror in Kodiak, Alaska, to the Hungry Horse News, which is run out of a log building near an entrance to Glacier National Park in Montana.

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