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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eleven Years Ago: Liberals Back Iraq Invasion

For the past week, I have been revisiting the run-up to the start of the Iraq, as we get ready to sadly mark the 11th anniversary next week.  Also released last week was my updated book on the war and media misconduct So Wrong for So Long.  In the past I've re-visited self-proclaimed "liberal hawk" Bill Keller of the NYT, and Thomas Friedman and Bob Woodward, and Chris Matthews (the list goes on).  Now: Back on on March 14, 2003, the Times interviewed several liberal academics/experts who backed the war.  Of course, there's Kenneth Pollack, but also Paul Berman, Michael Ignatieff and, surprise, Elie Wiesel, the great writer on the Holocaust.   Berman:  "It's something of a scandal in my eyes that hundreds of thousands of people are not marching in support of the oppressed Iraqis."

Plus:  15 media outrages in Iraq coverage and punditry (plus a tip of the hat to Stephen Colbert).  And full blast at how Wash Post failed on Iraq

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