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Monday, April 15, 2013

Carnage in Boston

UPDATE #8  NYT reports 3 unexploded devices found including this surprise:  "The authorities also found a device at St. James and Trinity Streets that did not explode, the person said, and two other devices were found, including one in Newton, outside of Boston."... But then Boston Globe shot down the Newton bomb.  In fact it's unclear if  there were ANY unexploded devices...CNN now has it at 132 injured, with 17 critical including 8 children.  Three dead. 

UPDATE #7  6:10 p.m.   CNN:  One of dead is 8 years-old.   Children's Hospital reports at least 6 kids there... Obama statement liveU.S. mobilizing and responding.  Congress leaders agree no politics now.  Hails first responders.  "We still not know who did this and why, and people should not jump to conclusions."  ...The great Charles P. Pierce with report from the scene: could smell blood two blocks away...ABC blog:  "ATF agents have descended on Brigham and Women’s hospital where they’re questioning one potential person of interest." 

UPDATE #6  Boston Globe says at least 100 injured, no update on deaths... Boston cop spokesperson says NY Post wrong about "Saudi" suspect in custody...But NBC now says this may be true, with MSNBC tweet: "Officials say that Boston PD are 'guarding' a wounded man at a Boston hospital as a 'possible suspect." But police chief in live presser just now says NO suspect in custody but questioning suspects.  Lot of police at hospitals but may not be "guarding" anyone.

CNN now says police wrong in saying "explosion" at JFK Library-- just a fire and NOT related to other blasts.  So 3rd reversal so far. ...New dramatic video of the two separate blasts from Globe here:

UPDATE #5  4:50 p.m. Police press conference, plus governor, in Boston now.   Blasts at 2:50  p.m., not far apart, victims at each site, won't say how many.  A third incident at JFK Library--"treating as related" but can't be sure it is. ..Says they have NOT found other explosive device, denying all those TV and press reports (below).  They say many people fled and left behind backpacks and packages, and are testing them but found no devices.   "May be flowing up" suspicious packages but that doesn't mean they were bombs. 

UPDATE #4  Good ABC live stream here.   Officials confirm explosions set off by "small portable devices."  Not giant bomb, more like IEDs as in Iraq...NY Post only source claiming 12 dead and a suspect in custody

UPDATE #3  NBC Twitter feed: "Multiple explosive devices found, at least 2 which exploded, officials tell NBC News"....ABC has police saying they found 3 devices and set one off themselves....Fox had 3 dead earlier but now police reports have 2 dead, 23 injured... SOMETHING happened at JFK Library but just ruled out as linked (see below)....Officials say no threats before event at all.... Peter Bergen on CNN points out: don't presume it's al-Qaeda--recall right-wing bombing of MLK Jr. parade a few years back... Some pointing out Waco and Okla City were April 19--and Tax Day today--but who knows if relevant.

UPDATE #2 Close-up video of one of the explosion via the Vine.... NO updates on cause yet and NO other blasts elsewhere, despite rumors of "unexploded" devices. .. VP Biden refers to "bombing" but can't be sure he has inside story....Ditto on Boston Marathon officials referring to two "bombs"...Fire at JFK Library, fire now out--TV showed footage--at same time as explosions--but no confirmed connection yet.   Also TV report of a third explosion that may have been police setting off a device--again, unconfirmed. ...USA Today photos...

UPDATE #1  Fox News claims at least 3 dead.  .Video of actual explosion....Andrew Katz of Time magazine tweets:   "Boston scanner: 'EMS is reporting another device' in front of Mandarin Hotel.'"  But unconfirmed.  But worries about more blasts have caused shutdown of some transit lines and bridges but no proof of human cause yet.  Some of have injured missing limbs.  Some from Sandy Hook in tent nearby for fund run.  New York City stepping up security.

Earlier:  Two explosions near finish line of Boston Marathon.  No evidence yet that set off by human, might be manhole explosion or other accident.  CNN and MSNBC with copter shots, disarray, hundreds of emergency vehicles, dozens reportedly hurt in one report, less than a dozen in another.  People being wheeled away in wheelchairs or carried off.  Initial sketchy AP report.   CNN only confirms two explosions but nothing else.  Live blog from Boston.com.

MSNBC showing for first time one of the explosions, runners and spectators blasted, much smoke.  Some speculation that caused by massive amount of electrical stuff there for cameras, lights, etc. 


Laurence Glavin said...

For people wondering why so many people were gathered in the center city on a Monday afternoon, Patriots' Day is a holiday in Massachusetts. When I worked at the IRS facility in Andover, MA, filers were given an extra day to file their US returns as well as Massachusetts Income taxes. Today, people had to have their Federal returns in by midnight while Massachusetts filers had an extra day for State income taxes. The Red Sox always haven a home game on Patriots' Day and it's played at 11:00 in the morning so the crowd won't be vying with Marathon spectators at noon or thereabouts When a Boston Symphony concert in mid-winter was cancelled for a snowstorm, the orchestra picked today forn a makeup concert with celebrity pianist Gabriela Montero (performing the Beethoven "Emperor" Concerto BTW). Symphony Hall is about a mile-and-a-half away from the explosion site and there's Police activity over a wide swath on territory. At this moment, I have no information about the concert being cancelled, but I would sympathize with anybody who's concerned about the safety of visiting the city right now.

Laurence Glavin said...

The Boston Symphony Orchestra's website says the special Monday night concert is cancelled. I don't know how ,any venues in them city might be under lockdown. The NHL team in town has a game tonight; the arena where they play is in a different section of they city. Security will probably be severe.