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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kerry's Lies 2013 As Bad as Colin Powell's 2003?

UPDATE  And another Kerry claim bites the dust--you know, the one about "very limited" air strikes.  NYT tonight on full mission creep--expanding list of targets, and adding bombs from planes to Cruise missiles.  Emphasis on "degrade" not "deter."

Earlier: One has to ask that question now.  See my pieces today on his apparent whopper on number of those killed by the chem attack; Reuters puncturing his claim that most of rebels are "moderate" and their numbers growing; and earlier his claim that evidence of chem use disappears after four days (to mock UN visit).   And perhaps more than any of of that:  the claim this week that this would not be "war."  Conor Friedersdorf destroys that here in new Atlantic piece.

No boots on the ground for now maybe.  But plenty of boots on the deck on ships art sea launching cruise missiles--and in the cockpits of jets dropping more bombs. Yes, Powell greased the way to a likely much worse war.  But Kerry's deceptions perhaps just as chilling.

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