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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another '60 Minutes' Outrage

While I was tied up yesterday with the swell Bill Moyers' tribute to our Beethoven film, Media Matters chronicled the two latest developments in the Bogus Benghazi Report.  For one thing, former NBC chief Lawrence Grossman rips CBS, joined by two other former heavies, in interviews with my old colleague, Joe Strupp.  Also, it seems that CBS appointed an insider to do its "journalistic review" of the Benghazi scandal, drawing hits from critics about this far from credible move.
Alicia Shepard, former NPR ombudsman was among others who said the investigation lacks credibility before it begins.  "There's no way that Al Ortiz can do an investigation that anyone outside CBS News, and maybe inside, will find credible at this point," said Shepard. "The network needs to hire a panel of outside independent journalists and let them loose inside 60 Minutes to find out step by step what happened. And be totally transparent. It's the only way for 60 Minutes to regain its once-stellar reputation. This is so why news organizations still need ombudsmen."

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