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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Love This

Frank Bruni, the NYT columnist, has one of the tweets of the day already: "Weird: the iPhone left in my yellow cab last night clearly belongs to (Courtney Love). Trying to return. Anyone? Courtney?"   Then he explained how he figured it out:  "My ace researcher deduced from texts coming in beneath the locked home screen that it was/is Courtney's."

Has inspired these Twitter comments/jokes already:

"you washed your hands, right?"

"If you're for real right now you've got to check out the photos on there"

From John Cook, editor of Gawker: "We will buy it" (maybe not a joke)

"what is the ring tone?" 

UPDATE:  Frank says Courtney's management has contacted him and arranged for drop off.  Too bad for Gawker. 

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