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Friday, November 22, 2013

Phil Ochs and Kennedy

One of old friend Phil's greatest songs, inspired by the JFK assassination, "Crucifixion."  Live.  Phil played the song for Bobby Kennedy in 1967, who reportedly cried when he realized it was partly about his brother.  Phil later told Studs Terkel:  "The Kennedy assassination, in a way, was destroying our best in some kind of ritual. People say they really love the reformer, they love the radical, but they want to see him killed. It's a certain part of the human psyche—the dark side of the human psyche."


Doctor Noe said...

I used to ride the subway down from the Bronx with my folkie pals to go to the Gaslight every Tuesday night to see Phil and his buds.

On the day of Nov. 22, 1963, I was in 11th or 12th grade at Rabbi Jacob Joseph school in the Lower East Side, so I had already come home to the Bronx by subway since we got ot at 12 noon on Fridays. I was in my dad's Ford Town sedan delivering groceries just leaving the block on College Avenue where his store was located. We heard it then on the car radio. He cried a little. Not long before, we had seen Kennedy in a motorcade on the Grand Concourse when it was still grand and the Bronx was Irish.

1122-911dallasassassins said...

ye i was in Dallas bringing out truth of killing Jesus Fortuitous Kindnesses JFK they blocked us but there were more cops to protect JFK or the lie of his killing wish the truth still disregards Time Lifes Henry Luce lived in hometown richfield ct he wanted dead as dis cia/FIB/BY/military,big steel /oil while secretary of state south in New cannon was helping with JFK'sCuban rapprochement as Russia was on the peace train as well, My dad was I rish and lived in Bronx as well