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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Omidyar on PayPal and WikiLeaks--and WikiLeaks Responds

Pierre Omidyar, new media publisher (with Glenn Greenwald and others) and First Amendment advocate, tonight  at Huff Post revisited his former company's move to block donations to WikiLeaks three years ago (that would be PayPal), how he joined an editorial protest about that, but also hits Anonymous efforts to hurt PayPal (the trial of the "PayPal 14" is about to begin.  And now WikiLeaks responds already to his piece on Twitter, including:  "Appreciate some of the other comments but they are undermined by the central issue of the blockade being falsely presented....As far as we are aware the PayPal blockade of WikiLeaks has never been lifted. No direct transactions to WL. You list 3rd parties."

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