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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taking Credit for FBI Raid

NYT has now posted 13-minute video to go with big breaking story this morning about the infamous raid by antiwar activists on the FBI office in Media, Pa. (yes, that's the name) who are finally exposing themselves in a new book.  They cleared out nearly all the files there and this led to the first big scoops on illegal FBI surveillance and the notorious COINTELPRO program, which we covered so widely at Crawdaddy that decade.  I understand one of the perps waved to Edward Snowden on a morning TV show today...See my longer piece at The Nation.

UPDATE:  Glenn Greenwald weighs in at his blog.   For starters:
Just as is true of Daniel Ellsberg today, these activists will be widely hailed as heroic, noble, courageous, etc. That's because it's incredibly easy to praise people who challenge governments of the distant past, and much harder to do so for those who challenge those who wield actual power today.
And "the U.S. Government exhibited zero interest in investigating and prosecuting the lawbreakers inside the FBI. Instead, they became obsessed only with punishing those who exposed the high-level wrongdoing. This, too, obviously should sound very familiar."

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