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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Angry Debate Over Woody Allen Abuse Continues

UPDATE: Now, in a lengthy People magazine take, Allen son Moses continues to defend Woody and accuse sister and mother of making it all up--and Dylan responds strongly against this and says her brother is now "dead to me." 

Earlier:  So let's review the past 10 days.  We had the Mia and Ronan Farrow tweets during the Golden Globe tribute to Woody Allen.  Then a widely-reported defense from Allen film biographer Robert Weide at The Daily Beast.   Followed by bombshell first-person account by Dylan Farrow at the NYT.  Then some prominent names in the media urging folks to review the Weide piece to maybe counter Dylan Farrow.  And now, at Slate, Jessica Winter wonders by those media folks are linking to Weide which his piece is so one-sided and full of holes.   PLUS:  Margaret Sullivan, NYT public editor reveals that Woody's people have asked if he can respond in print (they said okay)  and may do so.  To be continued.  -- G.M.

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