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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Failures in Launch

Remember those stories about poorly performing officers in charge of (maybe) launching our nuclear missiles out of silos? Turns out it was even worse than we though, AP reports.  They, literally, flunked overall assessments. 
The Air Force operates a total of 450 Minuteman 3 nuclear missiles, divided evenly among the three bases.
An ICBM base has many interconnected pieces, including security forces that provide protection for the missiles and for the underground launch control centers, as well as commanders and others who work from a headquarters base. But at the mission’s core are the missileers and their mastery of “emergency war orders,” the secret messages that would authorize a launch. They are supported in the missile field by personnel known as facility managers, who run above-ground support buildings where security forces and others sleep and where cooks prepare meals for the full team.

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