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Friday, March 28, 2014

While You're 'Biden' Your Time for 'Veep," Season 3

A lengthy preview of upcoming season. More Gary Cole, oh....kay?
Why no cameos from real politicians?
They get a lot of requests, apparently, but Iannucci insists that Veep stay separate from reality. “If a living politician — a recognizable politician — turned up, you then say, ‘Well, he’s a Democrat. So, is Obama the president?’ The whole thing starts unraveling….there’s a ban on politics in the show, actually,” he said. Simons added that the politicians who want to be on the show clearly think that it’s about every other politician but them. On that, they might want to take note: According to Simons, ”we’re definitely making fun of them.”
Why Bill Clinton likes Veep
Julia Louis-Dreyfus ran into Clinton recently, she said. He told her: ”Ah, I love your show,” she said. “You know what’s so great about your part?…No term limits.”

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