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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shooting at Fort Hood

UPDATE #4  Full NYT story.  Once again, female Army police officer is the hero.   Shooter bought .45 semi-automatic locally not long ago. 

UPDATE #3  General at Ft. Hood just said shooter had served four months in Iraq and being studied for PTSD (not yet completed or treated).  He "self-reported" a traumatic brain injury.  Had "anxiety" and mental issues.  No known motive for shootings.   He shot people in two buildings then when police neared killed  himself. 

UPDATE #2:  CNN: 4 dead, 14 injured.  Suspect reportedly an Ivan Lopez and a soldier.  Allegedly a "soldier dispute" the cause.

UPDATE #1: The usual confusion and false reports and correctons.  CNN told one shooter at large, one dead, self-inflicted.  A report that one person killed--but that might be the shooter.  Usually in the past there are reports of two shooters and it turns out there was only one.  Eyewitness on local TV says some soldiers ordered to knees and face down.  Others patted down.  Evacuations. Stay tuned. The 2009 shooting at Fort Hood led to 12 deaths.

Earlier:  Again.  Injuries reported including one with chet wound and shooter still "active."  And an evacuation near post.  Theories focus on warning, just yesterday, of a recruit, not missint, vowing "jihad" against soldiers. But might just be coincidence.  Local TV coverage live:

kcentv.com - KCEN HD - Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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