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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Death of a Photo Journalist (and Many Others)

If you can handle this, video shot in the middle of the shelling at the Gaza market--you'll see the journalist, in blue with camera, near the start.  Just horrible, never seen anything quite like it, even in the past two weeks.  Also dead and injured kids on the ground.  Send it to your president and Congress person.  Now wait for the apologists to claim this is fake.  I dare NYT, which ran video of visit to an (unfinished, inoperative) Hamas tunnel yesterday to post this on their site today.  You know, "balance."


Anonymous said...

Let's call this for what it is, Israel is being the teenaged son to the US and is showing their might in an unethical manner. Let's face it, Hamus is a very small part of these very poor degraded people. It makes me puke how the US media portrays it as two groups on an even plain. Worse part is our tax dollars going to Israel while we sell weapons to Qutar who feeds Hamas! A rousing load of BS I say!

Unknown said...


Learned in writing this that AIPAC and JINSA are only a tiny portion of pro-Israel....

faryal naaz said...

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