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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cop Tries to Explain Just-Do-What-You're-Told Op-Ed

Veteran cop (and prof) who wrote that just-do-what-I-tell-you op-ed in Wash Post just now on CNN.  Sunil Dutta  claims oft-cited paragraph has been "taken out of context."  Was just telling people to "cooperate with officers" after being detained legally.  "If you challenge officer and officer feels threatened" then watch out.  That's the time you need to shut up.

"What I am tryint to say clearly is, when you're approached by a police office you have right to be treated with respect."  He says in his own career he never had to use force and only in "few cases" do officers "abuse  their territory." If there's a "lawful detention then cooperate with officer."   In majority of times then "you will be treated with respect."  Says every officer should be equipped with video recording for more transparency. 

1 comment:

Terry the Censor said...

He is right: citizens should cooperate with police. Especially since the penalty for challenging an officer seems to be summary execution.