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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Not 'Daily'--But One for the Ages?

First commentary I've seen on Jon Stewart's first directorial effort, Rosewater (not the Kurt Vonnegut book).  "Ahead of its festival tour, the film screened last night for select critics. First reviews, which don't exactly portend unanimous acclaim, are up. Some critics wonder how the film would be received if the director were an unknown rather than a media celebrity whom everyone, especially Hollywood, adores."  Variety raves but others mixed, such as:   "The film understandably sets aside Stewart's trademark barbed humor in a story that needs to be told without mockery or laughs, and it's also more earnest than Stewart's TV fans might expect. And for much of its running time the film is not quite as sharp or energetic as you'd hope, possibly because Stewart the director is hardly the master the way Stewart the TV host is."

Trailer just out today:

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