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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sounds of the Silenced?

CNN airs what's said to be (not yet proven) the sound of almost a dozen shots that may have been from the gun of Darren Wilson directed at Mike Brown, captured by a fella doing video chat at time.  Kind of remarkable that he didn't stop and say, holy shit.  Maybe gunfire common there.  UPDATEs  Rush Limbaugh hits CNN over this. But CNN just reported that the FBI is now studying.  Forensic expert counts 10 shots, with three-second delay between bursts.  Jeffrey Toobin, idiot, on CNN in segment just now calls the time of the shooting "a life and death struggle"--straight steno from the prosecution.  The other guest points out that the delay, particularly, indicates "contemplation" which spells real trouble for Officer Wilson.

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