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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Usual: Israel Claims on Dead Kid Refuted, 'NYT' Publishes

You could expect no less, but once again Jodi Rudoren and colleagues publish pure Israeli spin without questioning. The latest is death of Israeli child, age 4 (the fourth Israeli civilian to die in the two-month conflict), due to a mortar.  IDF claims the shell was fired from a Gaza school where refugees huddled, usually run by U.N.  First, the IDF admitted the firing was not "from" the school but "near" it.  Yet the NYT still refers to "from."  Then it said the facility nearby was run by Hamas, not the UN.  The Associated Press went with this, too, but Chris Gunness, the UN spokesman in Gaza, just tweeted, "AP about to publish Israeli Army retraction of accusation that the weapon that killed the child today came from an UNRWA installation."  We'll see how quickly the NYT picks this up.

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