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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hospital Infections

Yesterday I posted this little tweet:  "1 person died from Ebola in U.S. hospital this week. In same period about 2000 died due to other infections acquired in a U.S. hospital."  It obviously struck a nerve, so to speak--as it got RTed about 650 times, and counting.   But some have asked for details or sourcing.   As some know, the controversy surrounding not-too-ill people in hospital suffering from, and passing away, partly or largely due to infections they pick up after entering the facility has raged for some time.  Hospitals have been asked or ordered to respond and there has been a national campaign, successful in many places, to get  doctors and nurses to go through a check list of safety procedures, which has cut fatalities where these infections contributed to the problem. 

A few sources found here and here and here.

BTW, Chris Rock tweeted this yesterday:

Americans killed in 2014:  Ebola 1  ISIS 2  Televisions tipping over 150  Obesity 400,000  Heart Disease 600,000

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