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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best music of the week: On Colbert show?

Yes, give it a listen, it happened last night following a funny but somewhat touching Colbert interview with Andrew Young, in which the civil rights leader (and former Atlanta mayor) recalled working with Stephen's father long ago to settle a strike. The point was that Stephen should now step forward to fix the writers' strike, since he may be genetically predisposed to do so. After a break, he returned with Young, a gospel choir -- and a geeky Malcolm Gladwell (who just could not clap in time) -- to sing "Let My People Go." It's not Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers but it's pretty terrific:

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Zekester said...

Giuliani is the victim of his own poor judgement. His self-serving and vengeful political style that has long been his mantra in NYC has become readily clear to the rest of the nation. I expect he'll drop out of the race following a poor Florida showing, and sidestep the embarrassment of a loss in his home state.