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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dynasties Clash: Kennedys vs. Clintons

As I hinted below, The New York Times now reports that Ted Kennedy will endorse Obama tomorrow, joining Caroline and a few other Kennedys in this. The Times calls the Teddy move a "decision that squarely pits one American political dynasty against another." All reports point to Kennedy barnstorming for Obama with one big boost in the Hispanic community, where Teddy is loved -- so California is really in play now.

Hillary on "Face the Nation" affirmed that Bill would continue on the campaign trail with her, despite the growing backlash, explaining, "You know, he loves me just like, you know, husbands and wives get out there and work on each others' behalf. I certainly did that for him for many years. She added that "what he is doing for me is obviously out of a sense of deep commitment to me personally but also based on his experience as president as to who he thinks would best lead our country. And I know that in my own support of him going back some years, I sometimes got a little bit carried away. I confess to that."

Another hit Obama victory speech last night:

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