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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hanging in there with Saddam

I have just put up at the E&P site my article from exactly a year ago on the media circus surrounding the hanging of Saddam Hussein....

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Ian said...

another disgraceful moment in the history of our illegal occupation. what a sad, pathetic way for the Saddam saga to end. no real sense of justice. a ridiculous, hack trial. the thing i find most interesting about all of this, is that there was a total blackout in the US on what in the hell was actually covered in the trial. sure, we were shown snippets here and there, but with our psychotic country obsessed with one idiotic law television show after another, you would think that we would be remotely interested in what in the world this man would mount as a defense.

we invaded his country, claimed he was a terrorist for doing things that we helped him do in early years, slaughtered thousands and wasted billions (supposedly to oust this guy). so wouldn't you thin every US citizen would be obsessed with hearing how the hell he would defend himself.

no. we got none of it, not surprising since he probably spoke a lot about the invasion, ties to the US, hypocrisy, etc. sure, he was a monster, but for many years he was our monster, and the fact his story ended in that way is another scar on our already tarnished reputation.