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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life imitates art, again, at 'L.A.Times'

The HBO series "The Wire," as some of you know, focuses partly this year on newsroom turmoil at the non-mythical The Sun of Baltimore. Tonight, in fact, the hammer comes down on job cuts, as far as I can guess. Well, the editor of the Los Angeles Times, Jim O'Shea, just got shit-canned, in real life, after what reportedly was a heated dispute over budgetary matters....


just me said...

David Hiller is a jerk.

sg said...

Now there's a real intelligent critique. 'scuse me, but Hiller is the publisher; the editor reports to him. Sometimes business decisions are made that those of us in the trenches don't like. We don't have the responsibility for making them, nor have all the facts that were considered. See the related comments in this blog. As another poster said, red ink is not indefintely sustainable.