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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rove to nowhere

Not much interesting in Karl Rove's response to questionaire in this month's Vanity Fair. But I guess we do finally get an explanation for his leaking Valerie Plame'ss name in what he reveals as his personal motto: “Be prepared! Find the bastards. And pile on!” His greatest fear? "Living foolishly above my means and running out of money." Andrew Sullivan comments: "While Rove was in the White House, according to the GAO, his party and president added $32 trillion to the debt the next generation will have to pay."

Rove admits he can't sing at all, and, we might add, rap or dance. Remember?

1 comment:

melvinhc@gmail.com said...

I find all this talk about having more "experience" by Hilary Clinton and the Republican candidates
rather interesting. There's so much experience to go around (perhaps hundreds of years), yet every election (4 years) there's still so much left undone for the opposing candidates to talk about.
Yes, I agree, experience is a good thing; but where does that get any holder of political office when their campaign funding comes from the same areas in which they would like to bring about change.
The problem is in "campaign financing".
Mr. Obama claims that he has not craved or accepted campaign money from big business, from the establishment and the powers against which he is seeking to bring about change.
That is welcome news and a "First Step" in bringing about real change.
"How can one bite the hand that feeds them", I ask?